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Best Texas Paralegal Schools and Programs

Paralegal Training Programs in Texas

Most working paralegals in the state of Texas have graduated from one of the four main paralegal programs available.

A paralegal certificate is the most common program to enter this profession followed by either an Associate Degree or a Bachelor Degrees in Paralegal Studies. Master Degrees being the least common.

If you already hold a degree from another discipline then a certificate in paralegal studies is quickest route to enter this profession.

Texas Paralegal
Paralegal Schools in Texas

Texas paralegal schools will give you all the tools you need to get on the path to a rich, fulfilling career in the legal field. With job security and satisfaction so common among legal assistants, there is no better time to get started.

Request free information from any of these paralegal training schools in Texas (see list below) to get started:

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What Do Employers Prefer To Hire in TX?

Research shows that the min. education requirements employers prefer their paralegals to have is either:

- a Paralegal Certificate OR/
- A Paralegal Certificate and/or college degree (in any discipline, preferably accounting, management, business etc.)

Is Certification Required?

The most popular paralegal associations that provide certification examinations are: NALA, NFPA, NALS, and AAPI. It's important to point out that each have different eligibility requirements, along with different continuing education and re-certification requirements so further research into each is important.

Paralegal Salaries in Texas
  • Average annual salary is $49,670 or $23.88 per hour
  • Lowest (graduate) annual salary is $27,250
  • Highest (based on experience, specialization, formal training) annual salary is $77,220
Main Duties

Performing legal research and drafting routine legal documents pursuant to the directions of the attorney.

Assisting with trial preparation, and handling multiple legal tasks as needed by attorneys.

See Paralegal Job Description for further info on what a paralegal does.

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