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Four Main Types of Schools for Paralegals

There are four different types of paralegal schools where one can get a paralegal certification or degree. Knowing the choices that are available and what these different types of schools offer can make the decision of which one is right for the student much easier. The American Bar Association only accepts certain degrees and certificates as a valid paralegal completion of study so the first step is to make sure that the school you choose is accepted by them.

Online Paralegal Schools

Online Paralegal Training Schools – These schools offer courses that are taken on the internet as opposed to going to a traditional brick and mortar school. Many two and four year colleges are now also offering these courses to their students at a lower rate than going to the school would be. The classes can be taken much quicker and the students can work at their own pace.

There are also online paralegal schools that are only dedicated to this topic. This where the background work is going to need to be done to make sure the school is properly accredited and meets all paralegal requirements. Many are, and it will only take a bit of research to know if students are going to get their money’s worth or if they should pass it up for another school that does offer the proper accreditation.

Trade Schools – Every city has their own trade schools. Some of these belong to a chain where there are the same schools as can be found in other cities as well. These schools typically only offer paralegal certification and not degrees. Again, the research is going to need to be done to make sure that their certification is going to be accepted by the American Bar Association. If they are not accepted, then money and time is going to be wasted. Also, some of these schools do not offer certificates or degrees that can be transferred to a four year college.

Community Colleges – This is probably the best way to get a two year degree. Many community colleges have paralegal schools attached to them where the student is not only going to get a degree, but this degree can be transferred to a four year college for those students who want to further their education by attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal studies.

University – A four year university is the absolute best of all the paralegal schools to choose. While the cost is going to be higher, the education is going to be the best and there is no worry about the American Bar Association accepting the degree. Four years can be a long time to work towards a degree, but a Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies is going to offer more flexibility in finding a great job.

The main thing to remember before choosing any of the many types of paralegal training schools is the ability to find work after the schooling is completed. Once that factor has been determined, then choose a program that is going to work best for the student.

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