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Paralegal Schools in Rochester, MN

There were just under 5,000 paralegals actively working in Minnesota two years ago, with the majority working in Minneapolis. This sector has massive potential for growth that is set to explode over the next decade.  If you are looking to change careers or if you are considering what field to enter following graduation, we have […]

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Paralegal Schools in Saint Paul, MN

There are no state-level regulations to become a paralegal in Minnesota, and some law firms will even offer on-the-job training. With the industry set to expand rapidly over the next decade, you can set increase employment prospects by enrolling and completing an educational course. The right certificate or degree can be just the thing you […]

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Paralegal Schools in Minneapolis, MN

Just over 5,000 paralegals were listed in Minnesota as of 2020, with the vast majority working out of Minneapolis. The industry is set to see steady growth until at least 2026 (per the Bureau of Labor Statistics) making it the perfect field in which to invest your time. As a prospective paralegal interested in starting out […]

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