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Find paralegal programs in a school in California near you.

Paralegal Programs in Santa Ana, CA

It takes between 18 to 24 months to become a paralegal in California. It’s critical to choose the right school to ensure that your journey is as hassle-free as possible. It all ultimately boils down to research – and we have done precisely that for you. Let’s find out more about the paralegal schools in Santa […]

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Paralegal Schools in San Diego, CA

Starting a career in law begins with a paralegal program. The best schools offer hands-on training and versatile coursework that add valuable legal skills critical to good legal writing, research, communication, and litigations in general. Many schools are offering great paralegal programs in San Diego, California. We have assorted the very best ones for you with […]

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Paralegal Programs in Oakland, CA

A career in law starts with a good grasp of the basics of legal reporting and tools. Legal technology, ethics, writing, litigation, trial preparation, communication, research, and working with evidence –good multidisciplinary knowledge begins with a paralegal studies program.  Looking for good schools for paralegal studies in Oakland, CA? We have compiled a handy dose of […]

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Paralegal Programs in San Francisco, CA

Paralegals – also sometimes known as legal assistants – are increasingly being utilized to take on more and more complex – and interesting – tasks as a vital part of legal teams in all branches of the practice of law. This is especially true in California, where there are more than 266,000 bar admitted attorneys, […]

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Paralegal Schools & Programs Fresno, CA

Many people find the law – and legal processes – fascinating. Some of them would like to work in the field but are not ready or able to commit seven years of their life to university and law school. A career as a paralegal – can be a viable alternative. Attending paralegal schools in Fresno, […]

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Paralegal Schools in Los Angeles

According to the American Bar Association there are 170,000 licensed attorneys in California, and a significant percentage of them are based in Los Angeles. While becoming a lawyer is expensive and takes a minimum of seven years of college level schooling there are other paths to a well-paid legal career in Los Angeles, with one […]

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Paralegal Schools in Sacramento, CA

Getting through law school, passing the bar, and becoming an attorney in California can take a long time – and a lot of money. It is not something that is for everybody. But there is a less time-intensive and costly road to working in this demanding, satisfying, and well-paying field for those intrigued by the […]

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