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Paralegals perform a wide variety of legal assignments and most often work for law firms and corporations. A qualified paralegal can complete many of the same tasks as an attorney, but at a much lesser cost to their employer – thus paralegals are in high demand in this economy, where many employers are looking to cut costs wherever possible. Those who are considering becoming a paralegal may be overwhelmed with the endless educational options that are available.

Paralegal Courses

Likely in part because many individuals who are pursuing a paralegal degree are transitioning from another career, numerous colleges and universities offer programs with flexible day and evening classes, as well as degrees that can be completed entirely online. Paralegal course online may be particularly attractive to those who will continue to work while pursuing their studies, or who have children or other obligations that would make it difficult to travel to and from classes.

Paralegal degrees generally work well when completed online due to their emphasis on reading, research, and writing. When researching paralegal schools online, it’s important to consider several factors including curriculum, cost, any internship requirements, the availability of job-placement assistance, and whether or not the program is American Bar Association (ABA) accredited. ABA accredited paralegal schools meet stringent requirements concerning faculty, curriculum, and other areas.

What do Online Paralegal Courses Involve?

Those who are looking to complete an online paralegal degree, whether it’s an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or paralegal certificate online program, may wonder what exactly these types of program entail. The truth is that it can vary. Certainly any paralegal online training program will involve assignments that must be completed and submitted to an instructor by a specific deadline. Most paralegal online certification curriculum will also involve forums or message boards where students can interact with each other and with their instructors and some may even include webinars where live lectures can be watched

Reasons to Consider Online Paralegal Schools

Whether considering paralegal certificate schools many different factors must be considered. A primary consideration is often the program’s cost. Although some online paralegal schools may not differ significantly in cost from traditional programs, many will be less expensive. In addition, the completion of an online paralegal program won’t involve costs related to gas or parking. Online programs are far more flexible, allowing those with busy schedules the ability to complete their coursework at their convenience. That’s not to say that online paralegal programs are easy – in fact, completing online paralegal classes requires a certain amount of discipline and determination.

Online vs. Campus Based Courses

Many paralegal accredited schools that offer both online and traditional programs utilize the same faculty, textbooks, and curriculum for both options. This means that those choosing the online paralegal program may not receive a substantially different education than those attending classroom based studies. However, although many appreciate the flexibility of online programs, some students may miss the in-person interaction with other students and their professors. Partaking in online classes also requires extra ambition and time-management skills on the part of the student.

How to Attend an Online Paralegal Course

There are many great resources available for those who are interested in researching online paralegal schools. A list of paralegal accredited schools (including online options) can be found on the American Bar Association’s website. Many other sites, including, provide information on numerous online programs. Enrolling in an online paralegal course generally entails filling out an application and paying tuition. There are numerous financial assistance options that may be available for students who need them, and most paralegal schools have a financial aid department dedicated to helping students with this. When completing an online paralegal degree, it’s also absolutely necessary to have a reliable computer with internet access.

A paralegal career can be a great option for someone seeking a challenging position in a growing field. Thanks to the various educational options available, including entirely-online programs, most-anyone will be able to find an outstanding paralegal program that’s the perfect for their lifestyle and schedule.

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