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Find paralegal programs in a school in California near you.

Paralegal Schools & Programs Fresno, CA

Many people find the law – and legal processes – fascinating. Some of them would like to work in the field but are not ready or able to commit seven years of their life to university and law school. A career as a paralegal – can be a viable alternative. Attending paralegal schools in Fresno, […]

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Paralegal/Legal Assistant Schools in Los Angeles

According to the American Bar Association there are 170,000 licensed attorneys in California, and a significant percentage of them are based in Los Angeles. While becoming a lawyer is expensive and takes a minimum of seven years of college level schooling there are other paths to a well-paid legal career in Los Angeles, with one […]

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Paralegal Schools in Sacramento, CA

Getting through law school, passing the bar, and becoming an attorney in California can take a long time – and a lot of money. It is not something that is for everybody. But there is a less time-intensive and costly road to working in this demanding, satisfying, and well-paying field for those intrigued by the […]

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