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Trademark Law Paralegal Career & Training

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It’s amazing how individuals and business continually dream up with great new ideas or invent new technologies to improve our lives. Whenever a new company, idea or technology is born, an intellectual property or trademark attorney may be employed to protect its rights. As companies cut back in the struggling economy, a trademark paralegal may often be hired to fill a position formerly occupied by an attorney.

Trademark law is a rapidly growing sub-specialty of intellectual property law. It involves the filing and registration of new trademarks and the enforcement of trademark rights. Trademark law paralegals are involved in all processes related to trademark law, operating under the supervision of an attorney.

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How To Become a Trademark Paralegal

The first thing you can expect if you wish to specialize as a trademark law paralegal is the need to complete an assortment of paralegal training courses. You may enroll in paralegal studies at many colleges, universities and law schools. The associate paralegal degree is a popular option for those who have not yet completed a bachelor’s in another field. If you’ve already completed a degree in another field, you may opt for a paralegal certificate instead. While associate degree programs typically require two years to complete, a certificate may be earned in just a few months.

The next thing you can expect if you wish to specialize as a trademark law paralegal is to obtain employment within an intellectual property or trademark law firm, or a corporation employing trademark law attorneys. In order to have the best chances of obtaining employment, you may want to test for paralegal certification. If you choose to test, you have several options. You can take the certification exam offered by The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or opt for the Advanced Paralegal Certification (also offered by NALA) if you already have experience as a general paralegal. 

Trademark Paralegal

Certification exams are also conducted by The National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) and the American Alliance of Paralegals.

Trademark Paralegal Job Description

Once you’re working as a trademark law paralegal, you can expect to complete tasks such as preparing trademark status summaries, maintaining the docket system, conducting trademark searches, drafting trademark registration applications and renewal applications, researching procedural matters, case law, and unfair competition, and assisting in opposition, interference, infringement and related proceedings.

Trademark Paralegal Salary and Future Job Prospects

You can expect to earn an excellent salary as a trademark law paralegal, making your paralegal studies well worth the effort. In fact, as of 2016, the top 10 percent of paralegals earned a median annual salary of more than $80,260. The bottom 10 percent still earned around $31,070 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You can also expect astounding job security. Because the need for trained paralegals in all fields of law is expected to increase 15 percent by 2026, completing your paralegal training courses will enable you to work in a career where you’ll experience little fear of layoffs and downsizing.

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