Paralegal Salaries, Programs and Schools in New York –

Paralegal Salaries, Programs and Schools in New York

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Paralegal Training Programs in New York

Most working paralegals in the state of New York are college graduates that come from various backgrounds and disciplines. If you don't have a legal background the best route to enter this career is through either a:

There are many community colleges in NY that offer these ABA Approved /NEA Approved Paralegal Education Programs. For students that do not live near a training school, they can complete the program online.

New York Paralegal

If you are a college graduate from another discipline but have no legal experience then the quickest route to become a paralegal in NY is by completing a paralegal certificate program.

Paralegal Schools in New York

Below you will find a list of schools, colleges and universities that offer paralegal training programs in the state of New York. These are divided in campus and online schools. Please note that some of the schools below may offer financial assistance towards the cost of the course. To find out more contact any of the schools below to learn more about their admission requirements, duration of course and financial aid:

Campus Schools
On-line Schools
What Employers Prefer To Hire in New York?

Research shows that the min. education requirements employers prefer their paralegals to have is either:

  • Bachelor's degree with work experience OR/
  • Completion of a paralegal training programs such as ( Certificate or Assoc. Degree in Paralegal Studies)

The biggest hurdle for new paralegal graduates is the lack of work experience. To overcome this it is recommended that you volunteer with any local pro-bono, legal aid, or advocacy office to get your foot in the door so to speak.

Is Certification Required?

Paralegal certification can only be obtained once you have completed a paralegal training program and/or have paralegal work experience. Having certification will definatelly help improve your chances of employability, help with promotion and an overall increase in your income. Certification involves you passing a nationally recognized certification exam such as NALA's CLA/CP or PACE's RP exams.

Paralegal Salaries in New York
  • Average annual salary is $54,840 or $26.36 per hour
  • Lowest annual salary is $33,350
  • Highest (based on experience, specialization, formal training) annual salary is $84,150
Main Duties
  • Composes business correspondence, edits/revises legal documentation ;
  • Conducts online research and searches public records;
  • Supports attorneys with legal matters and management of the in-house Legal Department under direct supervision.;
  • General administrative responsibilities;

See Paralegal Job Description for a more detailed look at what a paralegal does.

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